BESTTECH is a notebook repair company. We specialize in the repair of all notebooks also known as laptops.

BESTTECH is an IT repair company. We specialize in the repair of notebooks or also known as laptops. We also assist the Civil Engineering industry with repairs to laser survey equipment as well as total station equipment. We are also involved with the repair of laser equipment to the Medical profession. In short – we attempt to assist any engineering service or repair need to anything that is worth repairing. We do not do cheap repairs. We have invested a small fortune in equipment, spares, training and contacts to repair almost anything. We have also acquired a variety of mechanical engineering equipment such as lathes, milling machines, Tic welding, gas welding and normal inverter arc welding equipment, not to mention all other engineering equipment to assist us in the better repair of your equipment.

On an electronic IT note: We have invested in very expensive surface mount rework equipment enabling us to do almost all surface and normal dual inline de-soldering and SMD re-soldering repair work to almost every possible type of integrated circuit or otherwise known as PCB repairs.

We Fix Anything

We have invested in the state of the art fault finding equipment such as multi-layer shorts locators, huntress tracking equipment, working on the Lasagnas principles (comparative repair techniques, digital storage oscilloscopes, signal generators, digital counters, variable high current laboratory supplies, Variac's, various soldering equipment, including the latest high frequency soldering equipment by Metcal.

The objective of BESTTECH is to provide specialist, cutting edge and cost-effective repair solutions to serve your IT requirements. We also are willing and able to provide any engineering solution to assist you in solving almost any technical problem or repair requirement.


The employees of BESTTECH are specialists in there own fields, but are multi skilled to provide crossover assistance to each other. They are all contracted. This means they work efficient and cost effective as it effects there own bottom line. We don't have time to wait – work must be done and billed as quickly as possible not "inboet" of quality. In Besttech we sell quality workmanship. If we are not sure – then it's free.

If we can't do it – we know who can and will acquire the necessary skills to serve your needs. (This has not happened).
We are also linked in a massive network of IT professionals to acquire any spare parts. Sometimes we have spares that even the agent doesn't have. We do not have competition – only friends. We have found it very lucrative to work together with other industry leaders in the repair of notebooks.

We carry a vast number of spares, including LCD's, inverters, system boards (motherboards), optical drives, hard drive and memory modules of any type. We also keep many covers and plastic pieces of all brands of notebooks. Also docking stations, power supplies any power cord or connector. If it no longer exist – we plastic mould or manufacture any part or connector.

BESTTECH is a SMME registered company. We are not BEE, but the majority of our clients are BEE. It is our primary purpose to support them.

We do data recovery our selves, and have support of the very best recover companies in South Africa. This includes electronic level of repairs and to recover your lost data.